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  • 1/24/12 9:00 am EST

    For both laundry and hand dishwashing, we like the line of products from Gain. This brand is well known for its intriguing scents, but we've found it really offers more.

  • 12/21/11 4:57 pm EST

    Flip through magazines and TV channels this month, and you'll see coily, kinky and curly natural hair models in ads from Banana Republic to Gain detergent, from HomeGoods to Kmart.

  • 12/13/11 4:55 pm EST

    P&G's Gain brand has enlisted the help of comedian and actress Wanda Sykes as well as Gain’s resident “Scenthropologist” Tim Hittle to spread the word about the variety of Gain detergent and fabric softener scents available to consumers.

  • 1/1/10 4:53 pm EST

    From sophisticated to simple, today’s household care products feature scents that deliver olfactory pleasure and reinforce a brand’s DNA to an increasingly discerning consumer base.  Fragrance is recognized as one of the biggest selling points within the Gain franchise.